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Leadership Presence

I work with leaders who are participating in this cultural change. I am in awe of those of you who are already incredible leaders wondering how you can lead to create a safe, dignified and respectful workplace. This happens through self-exploration, awakening/reawakening your own inherent resources granting personal, professional and societal change.


Active purposeful attention to the present

  • Enhanced listening skills.

  • Attunement and availability.

  • Mutual respect and growth of employees.

  • Sustained Focus

  • Increase ability to incorporate change and manage stress.

  • Conflict transformation

  • Maintainable high performance

Living with presence is interminable when we are cognizant of changes in emphasis, direction or focus. Presence creates space in your life to allow for congenial moments while advancing your overall capability and satisfaction. Each moment spent in the present is an opportunity to evaluate your thoughts, goals and activity toward your leadership style.


Lead or perform from a place of calmness, clarity and creativity

  • Influentially lead with confidence and plausibility.

  • Create inspiration and collaboration.

  • Demonstrate balance and productivity.

Self-leadership is an advanced intrinsic awareness of who you are. Being self-lead promotes confidence and presence moving throughout our complex lives with purposeful action and uninterrupted motivation.

It involves autonomy and the capability to influence your behaviors and thoughts actualizing personal and organizational goals with discipline and autonomous decision-making.

Self-leadership influences communication, behaviors and emotions so as we can experiment and collaborate critical thinking and expression of vision and objectives.

Self-leadership influences all areas of your life -- your career, your relationships, and your health.

It is a self-motivated place to arise from taking purposeful action. Self-lead individual’s come from a place of clarity in their expression, their ideas and their aspirations. A sense of calmness and confidence is available to yourself and to others. Creativity and courage are a part of your daily life at work, in the home and personally. Confidently taking calculated risks focusing on success realizing your abounding potential.


What do you want to leave behind? Exploration, curiosity and expansion of your legacy.

  • Support the people and causes that matter to you.

  • Access your intrinsic nature.

  • Share your blessings and be a mentor to others.

  • Pursue your passions because they are infectious.

What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? How would other define that legacy? Are you paying attention to the feedback and how it can guide you into the next phase of your career along with your ability to influence others? Reflect on the past five years and what you would like the next ten years to look like based on what matters to you. Are you a mentor and do you share of yourself? What would others say about how you show up at work -- what would you like them to say? Deep consideration and exploration of your legacy and getting it right with your passion in mind.